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ABC small peg puzzle  ABC peg puzzle - $60

   ABC peg puzzle - a fun colourful way to learn the alphabet. Approx size is 40cm x 50cm.

tangram  Tangram - $20

    The Tangram is a fun brain teaser. Above is 1 of 5 patterns to achieve when putting all the pieces back in the square. A challenge is to put the pieces in with no 2 pieces the same colour touching, not even point to point, there are 3 patterns that achieve this challenge.

   Clock and numbers  Clock & Numbers puzzle - $30

    Clock & Numbers puzzle - Tha same colour numbers are under each number in the clock so the colour and shape of each number piece can be matched up while learning the numbers.  The clock hands can be moved to aid in learning how to tell the time. The clown face also come out and has a clown face under it as well. Approx size is 30cm x 30cm



We can also turn your high resolution digital photos into

 wooden jigsaw puzzles that will make a very unique gift.

Self framed on a backing board;

20cm x 30cm as 15 piece puzzles - $20.00

30cm x 42cm as 30 piece puzzles - $40.00

30cm x 42cm as 54 piece puzzles - $45.00

Loose pieces in a box with picture on top

21cm x 30cm as 100 piece puzzle - $35.00

30cm x 42cm as 250 piece puzzle - $45.00

30cm x 42cm as 500 piece puzzle - $55.00

  • All you need do is email us a high resolution JPEG image.

                Special Requierments Puzzles

 If you have a special requirment for a puzzle we are happy to make puzzles to meet your needs.


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