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30 piece - $35.00

54 piece - $40.00

Boxed Puzzles:

30 piece - $35.00

54 piece - $40.00

Self framed and on a backing board or 
as loose pieces in a wooden box ( Boxed Puzzles )
 for easy display and storage.

Number of pieces: 30 or 54
Approx. Puzzle Size: 40cm x 50cm

  Peppa Pig - Balloon  Peppa Pig - Balloon              Mario - Kart 7   Mario Kart 7  

 In the Night Garden   In the Night Garden            Paw Patrol   Paw Patrol 

  Marvel Heros  Marvel Heros               Mickeys gang   Mickey & Friends

  Ironman     Ironman                            Star WarsEpisode 1  Star Wars - Episode 1

  ben 10 aliens    Ben 10 Aliens                    Handy Manny    Handy Manny  

 Koalas    Koalas                        Optimus Prime   Optimus Prime    

 Roary   Roary the Racing Car

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